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Project Overview

In an effort to build a product for social good. We created a dedicated mobile app and companion mobile responsive website for an education technology startup. The product democratizes structured learning for anyone who wishes to learn new skills and expand their knowledge. The service gathers free online resources and creates additional resources leveraging generative AI to assist curious learners. The algorithm tailors personalized courses that teach students about subjects they are passionate about with a learning approach that specifically works for them.

The Problem

Hardworking students need an easy/fast way to gain a foundational understanding of their coursework because the pace of college courses leaves many students at risk of falling behind. mobile edan desktop edan

The Solution

Create a product that levels the playing field for online learning content and allows learners to easily create personalized content that moves them forward in their careers and passions.

Project Outcome

The research conducted during this project will help develop a user experience for that will make it easier for the startup to achieve its mission of democratizing online learning content and making it more attainable and effective to learn on your own.

Lessons Learned

I learned the power of layering within a design as a tool to draw user attention. I also learned how to design with minimalism. Finally, I learned strategies for designing a consistent UX that leverages both web application and mobile application technology.

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