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Zion Sunsplash Edan Raymond | Lead UX Designer

Project Overview

This dynamic website has been meticulously designed to provide an immersive, mobile-responsive experience for visitors. This online experience is seamlessly integrated with a merchandise creation and purchasing system, allowing users to express their creativity and show support for the artist. This site will expose fans to the harmonious blend of reggae music and effortless fashion design, forging a deeper connection to the artist and their brand.

The Problem

Avid/dedicated music fans need an easier way to order custom-branded artist apparel because they want to wear clothing that lets them express themselves and their love for their favorite music. Additionally, transitional custom clothing systems are too time-consuming and difficult.

edan zion sunsplash 3
edan zion sunsplash 2

The Solution

Create a mobile responsive website for the reggae artist, Zion Sunsplash, that seamlessly integrates a custom fashion design/ordering system that requires minimal effort and time from fans to create their perfect design.

Project Outcome

The research conducted during this project will help develop a website for ‘Zion Sunsplash’ that features a more user-friendly and empowering way for fans to create custom fashion designs. The result will be enhanced brand loyalty, exposure, and website sales.

Lessons Learned

In this project, I learned the importance of mobile responsive design. UX design must account for the range of devices and screen sizes that will access the product. Visual and functional components of the website must flawlessly transition between screen sizes.

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